Milana, 7-month old baby in Russia, has baffled doctors after she started showing signs of puberty at just three months old when she started having her periods. She is reported to be normal at birth but now, at the age of 7-months, her breasts have started forming and she has developed public hair.

Inititally doctors suspected a tumor to be responsible for the condition and recommended chemotherapy, which was refused by girl’s parens – Anna and Yevgeniy Gaspirovich, both 30. She is currently being treated at Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital.  Doctors are still trying to figure out the reason for this extraordinary early puberty.

The tumour diagnosis was not confirmed and Olga Bogdanova, Deputy Chief Doctor of Novokubanskaya Central Clinical Hospital, said: ‘We could not understand the reason of such an extraordinarily early puberty. We are still at a loss. Perhaps it was an inherited abnormality.’

After the baby was moved to Moscow for treatment, she was found to have five times more adult female hormones than an average grown-up woman.

Doctors now intend to treat her with therapy lasting a dozen years with annual injections aimed at suppressing her hormonal activity.

However, Milana’s father, a driver, is worried they will not meet the estimated £32,000 cost.Source:

Before her, the earliest registered precocious puberty case was reported for a 5-year old girl.


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