I personally could not beleave what I have read.  A 26-year-old Natalie Morris  was taken to hospital after a horrific fall at home with a fractured spine.

 Doctors were convinced that the chances that it will be able to walk, not great. She had crushed vertebra T-12, torn ligaments and tendons. However, just after ten days after surgery Natalie started to walk again, writes The Daily Mail.

Noteworthy: initially woman thought she had a regular bruise. Although the legs partially preserved sensitivity, no one could guess that she will recover or in the best scenario how fast the recovery will take.


The surgery took seven hours. During this time, doctors have established a framework that helped fix the fractured vertebra. They also appealed to the transplantation of bone taken from the pelvis. Initially, doctors were saying, rehabilitation will take about 6 months, and indeed the woman was on the verge of paralysis. After the operation, the injured remained in great pain, but was able to restore the spine. Ms Morris’s surgeon at Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop, Mr Ranjit Pande, said: “Natalie had an extremely unstable injury to her back following an accident. Luckily, there was no injury to her spinal cord so we could stabilize her spine effectively. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Yep, good for her!  I guess we all very happy for her!




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