9 lead poisoning symptoms everyone should be aware of

Lead poisoning is a serious health problem. Anyone can be affected by lead poisoning. There are many Lead poisoning symptoms, but it is hard to detect who is affected or not. Even, the people who have a good health condition can be affected anywhere, anytime. So, it is time to know about the Lead poisoning symptoms and take care of our health.

Generally, lead is a metal substance. It is also a poison. It can be found anywhere. In our daily, we use many materials and most of it contain lead. Lead is a poisonous material and it causes serious health hazards. It is important to learn about the causes and Lead poisoning symptoms to stay safe.

The causes of lead poisoning

Lead can not be tested or smell. It has no taste and you can’t see it with your eyes. So, it is difficult to understand what causes lead poisoning. Basically, the poisoning happens when the lead is ingested into your stomach. The lead poisoning can also be happened if you inhale lead dust.

Lead poisoning symptoms

The lead poisoning is a fatal health hazard. It is important to learn the Lead poisoning symptoms. There are many Lead poisoning symptoms and only one symptom can lead you to the death. So, here are the Lead poisoning symptoms given below:

  • Learning difficulties: Lead can reduce your learning power. You can’t hear or calculate easily when you Lead poisoning occurs. It is very dangerous for the children. It can damage their brain cells and lower the thinking level.
  • Developmental delay: Lead can delay your mental or physical developing process. It can damage a child’s brain when it is still developing. It is necessary to keep away lead or lead dust from the children.
  • Irritability: Yes. It can cause irritability. The lead poisoning can change your mind settings and makes you disappointed all the time.
  • Weight loss: The lead poisoning can reduce your weight. It destroys your food habits and taste of your mouth. It can severely damage your stomach. So, keep away from the lead.
  • Loss of appetite: Well, I have already said that it can damage your cravings. The lead first attack your stomach and damage it. It destroys your taste for food and you don’t feel hungry.
  • Vomiting: Vomiting is one of the best Lead poisoning symptoms. If anybody vomits, maybe he/she is affected by the lead poisoning. Call a doctor before condition getting serious.

  • Abdominal pain: A man who is affected by the lead poisoning can endure a serious abdominal pain. It is necessary to see a doctor when it happens.
  • Hearing loss: The Lead poisoning can reduce your hearing power day by day.
  • Constipation: It can also cause constipation. As a result, It is hard to remove stools from the body and you will become sick. Visit a doctor when you see these Lead poisoning symptoms.

Lead is very dangerous, especially for the children. It causes serious damage to them. It is more dangerous for a new born baby. The lead can damage the children’s mental and physical development. It is required to treat them when you see the Lead poisoning symptoms. Always keep your house dust free, throw the painted toys from the house, wash your hands before eating, throw your food cans after use and call a doctor when someone get affected. These basic steps can keep your child and other family members safe from the Lead poisoning symptoms.


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