Xin Xin, a 2-month old baby in Chongqing (China) has baffled doctors as his heart is growing on the outside of his body. He only has a thin membrane covering his heart as it can be clearly seen beating outside his stomach.


Doctor Zhang Yuping, vice director of hospital’s paediatrics department, said: “It’s a very rare case. His heart is so exposed that the slightest knock or contact could be fatal.”

The little boy’s parents are migrant workers in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, who rushed back home to seek medical help after their baby was born.

“We didn’t believe it when doctors told us the black patch on our son’s belly was his heart until we saw it beating,” said the father, Luo Rongyun.Source:

Most of the ideas to treat him have been discarded as he might not survive and surgery is almost out of question because he is too young to endure it.

How about making him wear some protective gear to cover the spot?



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