A recent investigation by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), has shown that plastic food trays have as many harmful bacteria as on top of a toilet seat. Swabs of food trays at three Vancouver-area malls were sent to University of British Columbia. Microbiologist Bob Hancock at the university analyzed the samples and found as many bacteria on some some food trays as a gas station toilet.

“We saw as many bacteria on some food trays as we saw on a toilet,” said Hancock.

Hancock said that one of the bacteria found in abundance on some food trays could be particularly dangerous.

“There was a fairly large number of a bacteria called acinetobacter,” Hancock said. “Acinetobacter is one of the superbugs in our society that’s causing major problems in individuals throughout the world because it’s so resistant to antibiotics.”Source: www.cbc.ca

Malls administrators claim that the trays are disinfected every night and don’t come in direct contact with the food.


Mall administrators said that while local health authorities do set the same standards for cleanliness in food courts as they do in restaurants, standards are not set for trays themselves because they aren’t meant to be in direct contact with food.Source: www.cbc.ca


Makes you ask – will you eat food off toilet seats? Maybe it is time to have a better policy for these food trays which can come in contact with your food – especially for kids!

What about US? Is it even worse?



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