Relaxing Abode

We live in a world of constant movement with work, children and social activities. Add to your already busy day a long commute, and you have a recipe for stress and anxiety. After a hectic day away, the last thing most homeowners want to do is find chaos the moment they set foot in their homes. The following tips can offer suggestions on how to bring harmony and relaxation to your living space.

Plants and Flowers

Getting out and enjoying nature is an excellent way to destress your mind and body. You can also find peace and harmony with a bit of home greenery. Plants and flowers have a calming and relaxing effect on the human body. They also provide your dwelling with fresh air and oxygen. If you’re looking to soothe your soul with vegetation from Mother Earth, stick to varieties that are low in maintenance. You also don’t want them to emanate a foul odor. Terrariums, bonsai trees, peperomia, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, grape ivy and dieffenbachia are all excellent, low upkeep choices. You could also grow a windowsill herb garden in the kitchen of your home. In addition to being pleasantly fragrant, you can easily utilize the herbs in your favorite home cooked meals.

Personalize Your Space

Making a house into a home is easy when you surround yourself with things that make you happy. While decorating using the hottest home trends will make your dwelling fashionable, it stills has to showcase your personality. When shopping for furniture, you want the pieces to look aesthetically pleasing, yet provide you with comfort. If you have a certain style, find a way to incorporate things such as cowhide cushions, leather chairs, funky pillows and books into the various rooms of your home. When it’s time to sit and relax after a hectic day, the items will fill you with peace and harmony.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can inhibit your ability to unwind, so you want to find ways to eliminate items no longer necessary. In addition to storing papers, bills and supplies in compartments, drawers and storage bins, you could also keep household knick-knacks and accessories to a minimum.

Natural Fragrances

Store bought sprays can mask certain household odors, but they won’t freshen your home naturally. Essential oils, beeswax and soy candles and organic linen sprays are far more soothing natural fragrances. Certain scents can also invigorate you when you’re awake and aid you when it’s time to go to sleep. Apple, pumpkin, lavender, jasmine, vanilla, rose and coconut are smart options.

Use Softer Lighting

Harsh lighting can hurt your eyes and add to your stress when you’re home. You can play with your lighting by replacing the harmful variety with environmentally safe bulbs. You can also rely on lit or battery operated candles. Floor and table lamps can also provide your home with a more relaxing atmosphere than the overhead variety. During the day, take advantage of natural lighting by opening up your curtains, blinds and drapes. Allowing the sunlight to stream in can be soothing to your spirit.

Choose Earthly Hues

When you’re looking for a harmonious inspired design for your home, it’s all about the earthly hues. In addition to ensuring that the colors mesh with your furnishings, shades of white, beige, grey and pink beige can provide your dwelling with calmness. You can create harmonious diversity by bringing in matching colors in various degrees. If you go with light beige chairs, find an ottoman and end table in a deeper shade of beige to balance out your room.


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