Katherine Heigl hates balls. Yes, I mean the male testicles, but on an animal. The 33-year old hate balls so much that she went topless for an advertisement to promote spaying and neutering animals.

(Courtesy: US news)

This is all part of PSA for recently launched site IHateBalls.com for which she even has a video –


I Hate Balls is an edgy campaign targeted to raise awareness about spay/neuter, a simple and extremely effective means of stopping the killing of animals in shelters.

Nancy and Katherine Heigl, founders of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation developed the I Hate Balls campaign to reach into all pet friendly hearts and homes with one surgically direct mission – fight the good fight against balls!

Since its inception, the Jason Heigl Foundation has taken the bull by the…well, balls. Funding spay/neuter programs has long been a passionate focus for the Foundation alongside the provision of financial support for rescue organizations that save pets from over-crowded shelters on a daily basis.

The development, implementation and support of training, education and transport programs are also at the heart of the Foundation’s work. In the past 2 years, more than $2 million has been generously contributed to these life saving initiatives.

Visit us at http://jasonheiglfoundation.org to read more about our mission, success stories, a myriad of programs, and our very special rescued pets in need of a home – the Heigl Hounds Of Hope.

Source: www.ihateballs.com


But balls love Katherine Heigl! If you disagree, then check the following and give it a second thought (disclaimer, you have to have balls) –





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