Chef Roland Trettl and experimental photographer Helge Kirchberger, both from Austria, have produced a perfect mixture of fashion and food.

Their new exhibition at Berlin’s Museum for Communication, displays portraits of models wearing outfits made entirely of food.


“We wanted to create something that hadn’t really been done before” said Kirchberger.

Like ‘normal’ fashion shoots the process of creating the images was less than glamorous.

But for Fashion Food, rather than standing shivering in a field wearing painful high heels all day, models were draped in offal, covered in giant crabs and smeared with fat.

“At first it was a little odd” said 21-year-old model Anna Schwarz. “But when you forgot what you were wearing, the clothes were actually pretty cool,” she added.


The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday, October 29 until  January 29.

More pictures –


Lady Gaga must love this exhibit!




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