It is not surprising that Victoria’s Secrets latest addition to their Angels lineup include two of the hottest European supermodels currently on the market. Marloes Horst and Milou Sluis have been selected for Victoria’s Secret latest Pink campaign. I am incredibly torn when it comes to the VS Pink line. On the one hand, there is nothing more thrilling than young girls wearing Victoria’s Secret. On the other hand, young girls need to maintain their innocence as long as possible, hence encouraging them to be highly sexual seems wrong. Well, who am I kidding … Go Pink!

I am not too familiar with either of these two girls, outside what Google came up with quickly, so I will try not to do much of a Bio here. However, if you are too lazy to Google the two, you can find Marloes Horst here, and Milou Sluis here. I highly recommend checking out the Google Images section on those two, you will like what you see.

In the meantime, here are some great shots of Marloes Horst and Milou Sluis wearing Victoria’s Secret Pink line.


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