If you have ever seen the sexy Chantel Zales nude, then you would know that she was made for the camera.  Her sexy eyes, great lips, amazing body, and cute smile are enough to check some boxes on everyone’s list!

This native of Albuquerque, New Mexico is the perfect mix of Mexico and Costa Rica.  Her parents created the perfect combination of skin tones to make her a one of a kind piece of art.

Her parents moved to Phoenix when she was young, where she spent most of her time playing soccer and other youth sports.  On top of sports, she spent a lot of time learning how to play the saxophone and violin.  You defiantly can’t say that Chantel Zales is a dumb blonde.

After high school, Chantel sent to college where she modelled on the side for some extra money.  She landed roles in a few commercials for Pepsi and Acura before she realized that she needed to become a full time model to show off her Latin beauty.

From here, she moved to Los Angeles to become and A-list model and show the world what she has.  While there aren’t really any pictures of Chantel Zales nude floating around, she does have plenty of sexy pictures to show off.  She has done numerous photo shoots with sexy magazines like FHM and Maxim.

Like most of the hot young models, Chantel Zales’ Instagram is a hot spot to check out.  She posts amazingly sexy pictures on a daily basis.  It’s almost like she is trying to destroy the internet whenever she can!

While we don’t have any sexy pictures of Chantel Zales nude, here are the sexiest pictures we could find to show you.  Sometimes a little bit of mystery is better than showing everything.  Especially for those of older guys out there with weak hearts!

Click any of the pictures to open up the slide show.

Have You Been Dreaming About Chantel Zales Naked Too?!

She is sexy and she knows it.  She can barely fit in this bra!

Chantel is one sexy piece of you know what

Nothing like hanging out at the beach in a see thru shirt for all to enjoy.  It makes everyone else want to see Chantel Zales nude too.

Can you bend over a little bit more honey?

This is possibly the sexiest pose of all time!

Ms. Zales in a sexy little shirt

“Hi guys, just hanging out here with my boobs on display.  No big deal!”

Chantel Zales in her favorite pose

We wonder if she has trouble finding clothes that fit her waste with those assets?

Chantel Zales sexy little red dress

She loses points for being a dodgers fan, but damn she looks great.

Why are all the hot girls from LA?

This is a great picture of Chantel Zales nude with a belt hiding her nipples!

Chantel Zales before she was blonde

If you want sideboob, then you want Chantel Zales.

A little Chantel Zales sideboob action

Bikini shots are my favorite in the world!  Does she look better in a bikini than Alexandra Daddario Topless?

She loks great in a teeny bikini

She is hott, even for a hippy!

Looking like she is on her way to the beach

Is that top suposed to cover all of her boobs, or just a little!

Chantel Zales in a sexy tube top

We think that dress is a little too short to wear in public, but we are OK with that!

I want her to take is off so I can see Chantel Zales naked

She looks like she is sucking it in with this photo, be we are ok with that too!

She barely fits in this top

Chantel Zales is so hot it is rediculous!

I love some Chantel Zales popping out of her bikini

I’m going to pull this shirt down a little just to make sure that it fits just right!

Who wouldnt want to see Chantel Zales naked?

Just another night out on the town in my tiny white dress!

Check out this sexy little dress

Peace, hot tubs, and bikinis are the motto of my life!

Chantel Zales Flaunting her sexy body

Can you say cleavage, she has plenty to share!

She looks great in just about everything

Did she look better as a blonde or a brunett?

Chantel Zales naked or in a sexy outfit?

Just for good measure, here is a video montage of all the instagram photos that make us want to see Chantel Zales nude!

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