Before we get to the video and pictures of Alexandra Daddario topless, lets talk about how we got here.  If she looks familiar, that is because she played Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson movies.  She has played a few other roles since but that is still her claim to fame.

She is an American born actress who is much older than she looks.  She looks like a teenager in most of the pictures but fear not, she is 29 years old.

Most of her appeal is her insanely hot eyes and great body structure.  These pictures of Alexandra Daddario topless don’t do it much justice.  She looks great with and without her clothes as you are about to see!

She looks great sitting here in her bra

Alexandra Daddario in a bra

There we go, everyone herer to check out Alexandra Daddario topless, get ready for the boom.

Alexandra Daddario Topless Footage Archive

Look at those nipple poking through her shirt.  She must be very excited for what is about to happen!

watch as she takes it all off

Damn girl, you look even better than we thought you were going to!

Alexandra Daddario topless

Just for good measure, we included this GIF of Alexandra Daddario Topless so you know its the real deal.

great gif

Her “wrapped in a towel” look might be just as hot as her naked look!

Alexandra Daddario in a towel topless

Alexandra Daddario naked in a pool posing for photos?

topless by the pool

We couldn’t decide if the close up was better or the zoomed out version, so we included both.

full topless by the pool

She looks great riding in the front seat of any car.  Imagine her in the front seat of your car?

sexy pic in a convertable

Look at the legs on this sexy lady!

check out that dress

Not very many people can make a one piece look just as good as a bikini!

Alexandra Daddario sexy bathing suite

Look at that amazing stomach!  She is very dedicated to looking great for her man.

just going to a walk with her friends

Those eyes could burn a whole thru anyone, watch out.

check out that sexy dress

Would you like to be locked in prison with Alexandra Daddario Topless?

look and Alexandra Daddarios curves

Just showing a little skin, no big deal.

showing off some skin

Alexandra Daddario showing her nipples in a while T-shirt.

Alexandra Daddarios nipples showing

Hanging around in a bra and panties on a stool is my favorite past time too

sexy sitting on a stool

If you want to check out another sexy star in the nude, we have some pictures of Chantel Zales nude as well!  Check them iout and let us know what you think!


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