Kate Upton (1)


With her global dominance assured, Kate Upton is now traveling to Brazil to compete with the Brazilian hotties there. Well, OK, the shoot was probably in New York, but it was for Vogue Brazil where surely Brazilians will be comparing her to their home grown hotties. This may be why Vogue decided to trim 10 to 20 pounds off Kate with the magical Photoshop tool.

Personally, I find a slimmer Kate far more appealing than the plump one, but I seem to be in the minority here. For the most part, its Kate’s two larger assets in the front that most men are attracted to, and plumpness guarantees their large-ness. So, without further ado, let us admire Kate’s friends, and Kate herself. She may be fully clothed, but Kate has no doubt a way to entrap a man with that incredible gaze of hers.


Kate Upton (2)

Kate Upton (3)

Kate Upton (4)

Kate Upton (5)


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