High School Graduation is a very special time in Russia, as is around the world. Americans dress in Cap and Gowns for both men and women, but in Russia the dress is much different. The men usually dress in a nice suit or tuxedo, very standard. But the women take a very extravagant turn. 

Since this is their greatest day in all of their lives, the women of Russia make their graduation dress extravagant. They will go in a flowing gown or in a beautiful dress, always making sure that all will remember their choice. Recently this trend has changed with women choosing to instead put on a very sexy dress or something very revealing for this will surely be remembered, and maybe even be featured on the Internet.

Throughout history, Russian women made it a point to be very well dressed. Here are some pictures of Russian women in Soviet times and how they dressed for their graduation.








As you can see, not much changed over the years and everyone was dressed very nice. Today, most women still dress very nice. They spend a lot of money on their outfits and are very careful not to damage them in any way. Come evening, the dresses come off and the drinking begins. First, we must take pictures.

Let us look at how some of the more formal girls look. These are the women that try to conform to strict standards. Later, we will observe the wild side.



Now let us look at how the wild women dress. Many of these girls are looking just for attention, either of boys or of other girls. Nothing makes a woman jealous quite like seeing another woman who is prettier or took greater risk. I must not be cynical, these are the girls we usually want to see. The classic beauty is nice but its the whore you most desire.



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