If you are going to sell swimwear, make sure to hire a hot model or actress for your advertising campaign. Nothing sells female swimwear better than having an incredibly hot female modeling. While this isn’t overly intuitive for me, everyone does it so it must be true.

The female face of OP (or, Ocean Pacific) is none other than the incredibly sexy Katrina Bowden. The sexy 30 Rock star fills out those bikinis of their quite nicely. OP has paired her with the male fashion model Kellan Lutz, but who cares about him?

Anyway, visiting the OP Site you will see only two faces … Katrina’s and Kellan’s, an Kellan is easily dismissed. While you can easily browse through the site so see the latest sexy bikini photos of Katrina Bowden, it is much easier to scroll down a bit and to check out my favorite shots from the shoot.




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