Being an avid vodka drinker, I am very familiar with Skyy Vodka. At some point they did an amazing job at marketing because their bottles can be seen everywhere and with that distinctive blue bottle they are recognized quickly from across the bar. While I am familiar with it, I can’t say I was ever a huge fan. I have always been more of a Belvedere man myself, with Absolut as my runner up.

Now, however, it looks like I will be revisiting Skyy. Seeing how the sexy Jamie Chung enjoyed her drinks (or, at least, the photoshoot), I will have to give Skyy at least one more go. I never caught Jamie’s Real World debut, but I have seen several of her films and have always been captivated by that incredible Asian body of hers. Jamie is a true Reality Series phenom. Not many go from Reality TV to Hollywood, but Jamie managed to launch into orbit with that personality and … well … an amazing body. 

Anyway, lets take a look at her latest Skyy campaign. It looks like the shoot was a lot of fun, judging by all the smiles. And that bikini of hers is just incredibly sexy!



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