When looking at Kate Upton’s latest photos from her Redemption Choppers campaign I am left wondering who on this planet doesn’t find her incredibly sexy? There is just something about that gaze of hers that just melts the soul, and hardens something else. 

The fact that she is now the face of Redemption Choppers, an incredible custom motorcycle shop, makes me respect her all the more. I would love to see her riding one of those bikes around town, with a fleet of models behind her, all turning heads, all having the time of their lives. I wonder if she actually can ride? Doesn’t matter, I’ll gladly put her on the back of my bike!

None the less, I really hope they release more shots of her from this shoot … 3 isn’t nearly enough. 


Kate Upton (2)

Kate Upton (3)

Kate Upton (1)


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