I am well aware that Arianny Celeste is the favorite ring girl of UFC, but personally I find Brittany Palmer much sexier. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I like my girls skinnier, so I naturally favor the body of Brittany’s to Arianny’s. None the less, I wouldn’t throw either of them out of bed, and think each of them is incredibly beautiful.

All UFC fans are well aware of the UFC 360, but did you all know about their swimsuit issue? Well, I’m no big fan of UFC (ring girls, on the other hand …) so this swimsuit issue is news to me. This is something they need to do more often, and hopefully with more ring girls. I will be looking into this in greater detail shortly, but for now lets look at the two hottest ring girls (and the ones I have found images for), Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer.

Arianny and Brittany have incredible bodies, and show off their curves well. They know how to pose behind a camera making each and every shoot of their pure gold. Here are the two posing for the UFC 360 swimsuit issue … enjoy!


Arianny Celeste

Brittany Palmer


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