Malibu Magazine has just released a series of sexy Amber Heard shots, and seeing as how I’ve been infatuated with her recently I figured I would share them. They aren’t quite as sexy as the FHM shoot she did a few years back, but it is more than enough to wet the appetite.

More interestingly, I began browsing Malibu Magazine’s website and found that all their issues are available online for all to read. Personally, I think all magazines should follow this model. I quickly found a great article on Noam Chomsky (Feb/Mar 2013) and began reading. This is awesome! The ads suck, and the turning of the pages need work, but I’m sure they’ll hash that out in no time.

Anyway, here’s Amber Heard’s photos from the mag. Again, they aren’t overly revealing, but Amber can’t help but be incredibly sexy.


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