Ever since the Kardashians hit the scene, it seems Paris Hilton has been pushed aside. I guess we can only concentrate on one worthless rich celeb at a time, and now our focus has shifted. Given Paris’s insane quantity of wealth, I can’t imagine why this would bother her, but it seems it has. At 32 years old, this girl has everything that she could possibly wish for, but apparently she is still lacking in the fame.

I guess she is also feeling a bit over the hill when considering the fact that she is currently dating 21 year old River Viiperi. Sure, the guy is considered a top model, but women tend to date older men not men 1/3 their age. But, maybe that’s just the stereotype talking.

None the less, in an attempt to stay relevant, Paris has released a few bikini shots of herself from some Beverly Hills location. No question, the girl looks great. I bet I could show her the best 4 minutes of her life, or maybe not. Anyway, like I said, the girl looks good so regardless of intention, lets just enjoy the view.


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