As if I didn’t have enough reason to envy Johnny Depp, the fact that he is banging Amber Heard is slowly creeping to the top of that list. With dear sweet Johny breaking 50 this weekend, I bet Amber gave him quite the birthday present. Amber is only 22 years old, so I bet the sexy time between the two is quite ravaging … ah, Johnny, what I wouldn’t do to trade places with you for an evening.

Amber Heard has a classic beauty about her that few can look past, and a wild streak that every man wants. Seeing her behind the screen gives me a sense that there is just enough crazy behind those eyes that will keep a man aroused, and that body of hers would send the man screaming every time she was in the mood.

Back in 2009, when Amber was just 18, she did a photoshoot for FHM UK. The photos were shot by Don Flood, a relatively well known photographer, and the results are quite impressive. By this point in her life Amber’s career was in full bloom, so showing off that amazing body of hers could only help her, not to mention help stimulate some magazine sales. 



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