While I am a huge fan of female celebrities, especially the cute ones, there are few in Hollywood I admire quite like Sandra Bullock. Ever since her leading role in Speed, I was hooked. I have seen most of her movies and have enjoyed the majority of them, but more than her acting talent I admire her off screen personality.

Even though she is currently 48 years old, I still think she is incredibly beautiful. I’m sure an intense (and expensive) exercise program, coupled with a bit of plastic, helps but who could hold that against her?

She adopted a baby boy, Louis, back in 2010, taking a short hiatus from filming, but is back in the saddle once more. Interestingly enough, Sandra feels that she is a bad mother because she is trying to juggle being a mom and and actress. You know, I would be more than happy for her to adopt me in that case, I promise never to complain so long as she tucks me in at least once a week.

Sandra has spent a great deal of time, effort and money helping the Red Cross. Over the years, people estimate that she has donated well over $4 Million to the organization, and is regularly encouraging others to do the same. 

Being an actress implies that you will have your critics, and Sandra has always taken to criticism with a light heart. Back in 20120, she even went so far as to accept her Razzie award for Worst Actress with an incredibly light heart.

Anyway, there is plenty of information about Sandra online for those that are curious, so rather than post small tidbits about her life, I prefer to give a photo tribute. I have tried to compile the sexiest photos I could find of her and post them below. I managed to find a great source (link) to someones incredible devotion to Sandra’s sexiness, so follow that link if you want to see many many more.





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