Russians love their cars, often more so than their wives or husbands. A car is more a status symbol than a means of transportation, so most Russians take great pride in their cars, especially if the car is of value.

If you want to hurt someone in Russia, one way that will always make them think is to attack their car. Little will upset a man as much as having his car vandalized. Some would even give up their wives before their cars.

This collection of photos show how far some people will go when upset. Few westerners would dream of doing this to someone but Russians often don’t think twice.

I broke up the photos into section for easier viewing. Also, any photos containing Russian text are translated to the best of my ability. 


The first section is all about bad parking. We have all been upset at someone over a bad parking job. You may have wanted to do something to the other car but few actually do. Here is what happens in Russia when you park like you own the world.

Park the way you should!!!

Something about bad parking, followed by Idiot


The second section is geared at men and what is done to their cars. They all seem to be due to cheating, but who really knows?



Condom (common Russian profanity) – Wish You New Happiness

Too long and hard to read, sorry



Now lets look at women. I have my doubts that these cars were all vandalized by men. Some were likely vandalized by other women in fits of jealousy. But, again, who knows?

VIP Whore

Bitch – Return my husband




Lastly, I will post the rest. Some are just confusing while others are pretty obvious. All are tragic.

I Will Find You

Thank Grandpa for Victory (??)



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