Since unbridled greed and utter selfishness are both considered in general to be extremely unfavorable character traits, those who possess those traits have been trying forever and ever to find moral and intellectual justifications for their obvious character deficiencies.

The most popular fig leaf for the selfish and greedy of the world is Ayn Rand, who would have been dismissed as a server of Schlock, had the greedy not been so desperate to find cover for their disgusting urges. But thanks to the measurable number of sociopaths among us, Rand is held up as some kind of wonderful person with the ideals that would supposedly “free” the individual from the shackles of having to be a human being. Millions of morons cling to Rand like they cling to their Bibles-an interesting combination that almost always occurs. It’s interesting because Rand was an atheist who despised religion every bit as much as Stalin did, and for the same reasons.

But that is far from the only interesting thing that you’ll learn about Paul Ryan’s Goddess, if you do just a wee bit of scratching.

As we’ve noted before, you’ll also discover that she got a thrill from the behavior of serial killers. She thought a guy who murdered and dismembered a 12 year old girl was a “Superman.” And just in case you didn’t get the underlying message in each and every one of her schlock novels (and believe me, the morons who use her as a fig leaf do NOT get it,) Rand saw the everyday Joe or Jane who just wanted a little security in his or her life as parasites unworthy of any consideration. If you are one of those who just wants to make a decent living, and afford the necessities of life, Rand saw you as “mud to be ground underfoot, fuel to be burned.” In Rand’s estimation, the only person worthy of a damned thing was the predatory type of corporate CEO who would put workers in chains and starve them in order to have a few million extra in the bank. The workers, who were actually producing the wealth? They were “lice.” Rand had absolutely no use for generosity, or compassion, or all of the other norms of behavior that make a human being different from a stray dog. But Rand DID, of course, have a use for Medicare, when her cigarette habit left her with advanced lung disease.

Speaking of substance abuse… Rand also had a theory about all of those doped-up hippies, back in the 1960s.

Is there any doubt that drug addiction is an escape from an unbearable inner state, from a reality one cannot deal with, from an atrophying mind one can never fully destroy? If Apollonian reason were unnatural to man, and Dionysian “intuition” brought him closer to nature and truth, the apostles of irrationality would not have to resort to drugs. Happy, self-confident men do not seek to get “stoned.”

Drug addiction is the attempt to obliterate one’s consciousness, the quest for a deliberately induced insanity. As such, it is so obscene an evil that any doubt about the moral character of its practitioners is itself an obscenity…

…Drug addiction is nothing but a public confession of personal impotence.

Pretty strong words, aren’t they?

Well…. they WOULD be strong words, if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was a meth headwho wrote them.

There was her 30-year use of amphetamines, beginning with Benzedrine in 1942, as she was rushing to complete The Fountainhead, and continuing with Dexedrine and Dexamyl into the 1970s. Until now it has been described as a two-pill-a-day prescription for weight control, but evidence in Heller’s book indicates that it wasn’t seen that way by everyone. As early as 1945, her then-close friend, journalist Isabel Paterson, was berating her in letters with passages such as, ‘Stop taking that benzedrine, you idiot. I don’t care what excuse you have — stop it.’ Heller presents other evidence that Rand had periods of heavy use in the 1950s and ’60s. But the exact extent of her dependence on amphetamines is peripheral here to the broader self-delusion. As anyone who has had the experience knows, a good way to get a really, really distorted sense of reality is to swallow a couple of Dexedrines. If you want to take them anyway, don’t go around bragging that you never ‘fake reality in any manner.’”

Having tried to read “Fountainhead,” I don’t have a problem believing that it was written by a meth addict.

You know, when you think about it, Rand was definitely ahead of her time, as her adherents in trailer parks all over the country are now partaking of that which made Rand such a voluminous gasbag. And most of THEM are also hypocrites, who are quick to draw a line when you talk about taking THEIR “disability” checks away. Go figure.

Greenspan, Ryan, and every other moron who walks around quoting this meth head like her words were brought down on stone tablets is nothing but a cultist. Jim Jones was actually less harmful than this bitch has been, because Jones only managed to take around 1,000 people down with him. The Randiots in the world of finance and politics have destroyed many, many more.




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