Every few months another phenom happens on the Internet where some guy who was a nobody becomes ultra famous for doing something … interesting. This months phenom looks to be Lil Dicky. 

As of now, very little is known about the man online, but I’m sure this will be changing in the next few days. Yesterday Lil Dicky published a music video which has already received half a million views, and the count is just blowing up. The video is absolutely hilarious in every respect, and the fact that it holds an element that virtually every guy can relate to makes it all the more poinient. Check out the video before we go into more detail … 

Honestly, wasn’t that just absolutely hilarious? I thought so!

If you want more, you should check out Lil Dicky’s Youtube Chanel. It doesn’t look like many of his videos are popular yet, but I’m sure this is about to change. Likewise, his Facebook page has tons of information (and only 1013 fans as of now). He also has a twitter account (756 followers) … and that’s about it. 

Expect to see much more of this man in the upcoming weeks. I’m sure his phone is currently ringing off the hook, so in the next few days we will have a thorough bio on the man, as well as tons of new information … stay tuned!


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