Last week we took a look at Katie Holmes from 1998, when she was young and beautiful, doing a photoshoot for Rolling Stone. Her Dawson’s Creek days were just starting, but her beauty was being admired around the world. At this early stage in her career, her options were limitless. Every studio had an eye on her, and every male was at attention.

Fast forward four years to 2002 and Katie is now a superstar. She was still starring in Dawson’s Creek, but at this point she had already released five movies and had two coming in quick succession (Abandon and Phone Booth). By this point, every movie studio was hounding her, and every magazine wanted to do a spread. 

I’m not sure how Tony Duran was involved in this, but he managed to shoot Katie for both GQ and Arena Magazine, with each shoot better than the other (yeah, I know). Katie never was one for excessive skin, but she was always incredibly sexy. Much of her charm came from what she didn’t show and how she carried herself.

At this point, Katie still had little to do with Tom Cruise. Since they were engaged in June of 2005, I doubt that they even really knew one another at this point. Hence, that soul sucking thing that Tom does so well hasn’t begun, and Katie is still in pristine condition. In my humble opinion, this is Katie’s peak beauty period. Again, she is still beautiful by all accounts, but comparing her now to how she looked 10 years back is a travesty. Just look at these photos, my God Katie is incredibly sexy.

So, here are her two photoshoots with Tony Duran. First, lets look at GQ, then we will look at Arena.

Katie Holmes by Tony Duran for GQ Magazine – 2002








Katie Holmes by Tony Duran for Areana Magazine – 2002


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