it is truly remarkable how little press the Mayflower Oil Spill has received. When discussing this with friends and family, most of them are completely unaware of the event. If it has been covered on the evening news, it was only mentioned briefly because its retention is virtually non-existent.

Luckily, the Internet is filled with people that feel obligated to share details of the event with the world. Many of the people sharing images online are the people who were most affected by the spill. I have seen numerous posts about this on Reddit, like this most recent one (which is where these photos originated). The imgur page that housed the original images also has some descriptions that I don’t copy over, so its worth a look. 

ExxonMobil’s Pegasus Pipeline ruptured in the Northwoods neighborhood of Mayflower, Arkansas on March 29th, causing heavy crude oil to cover yards and streets in the area.The 20-inch buried pipeline burst under the small town, turning backyards into tar pits and suburban streets into oil slicks.

While there were no injuries reported, the area is totally devastated. Hundreds of people have been affected and hundreds more have been contracted to help in the cleanup. This area is likely to see oil patches for years to come.

To date, 22 people have been completely displaced from their homes with no sign of being allowed to return. According to ExxonMobil officials, the final decision will be made by Arkansas Department of Health. One incredibly lucky man managed to purchase his home just hours before the spill. I think the lottery is in that man’s future. 

On a lighter note, as of today media have been allowed into the contaminated area. We will now begin to see photos and videos of the region in far greater numbers. Although this spill hasn’t affected nearly as many as the Gulf spill we experienced recently, these types of events will continue to occur so long as we are oil consumers.

Let us be honest with ourselves, these spills are predominantly due to our incessant need for more oil. If people weren’t so bent on having more oil at cheaper rates, these types of accidents would occur. There is absolutely no way to have cheap oil, and safe oil. If price is our most important factor, accidents will occur more and more frequently. For these accidents to completely cease, we need to stop using Oil, plain and simple.


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