I have always been a fan of Morena Baccarin, more for her looks than her acting talents, but a fan none the less. The 33 year old Brazilian bombshell has been making waves in Hollywood for over a decade now, with several hits under her belt. I love sci-fi, so her Firefly series and film are of huge interest to me, and so were her Stargate roles.

Most people today know her from Homeland or V. These two shows are simply more recent, but I still think that Firefly really made her who she is. She has two interesting films on the horizon … Old Days looks like interesting film, where hopefully Morena gives us a better view of those assets of hers. Then there’s The Unholy, a film I know nothing about but it seems more to Morena’s style. 

Lets be honest, the vast majority of Hollywood female celebs are insanely hot. It just comes with the territory, ugly girls can’t make it in Hollywood. That being said, calling Morena hot is like calling the sky blue. However, in the latest Vanity Fair, the photographer didn’t just make Morena hot, he increased her lust factor by a minimum of 10 fold. Take a look at those photos. She is dressed relatively casually, but those poses and the way she carries herself … I would give my left nut to have a night with her!


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