Bodybuilder Sean Connery. The photo was taken at the competition bodybuilders in 1953.


Marlene Dietrich kisses the hand Paustovsky, 1963. Actress read in my youth was filled story writer "Telegram", and has since long cherished dream to kiss the hand that wrote.

2004. Peredelkino. Quentin Tarantino at the tomb of Boris Pasternak, his literary idol since childhood

David Bowie about Soviet train, 1973. Iconic character of Western culture made an unprecedented move at the time – to pass through the entire Soviet Union from Nakhodka to Moscow for eighteen days, coupled in ordinary train.  It is a bravery by itself!

Alfred Hitchcock, managing a lion while shooting the legendary screensaver studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1958.

Richard Gere, 1978. Photographer Herb Ritts made this portrait of his close friend, the novice and then an unknown actor – Richard Gere. The photograph was taken in California, when their car punctured tire, and they stopped at a roadside service in order to change it.

Pablo Picasso in the bathroom. Picture of David Douglas Davis, a close friend of the artist and his only photographer. "You make pictures and I write picture, we had a division of labor”. He never posed to me, but not rejected a single shot and did not prohibit shooting. "

A young Elizabeth Taylor bathing a dog.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doing ballet.

Ernest Hemingway kicking a can.

Madonna 18, Detroit, 1976.


Young Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Charlie Chaplin.

Band The Beatles in 1957: George Harrison 14 years, 16 years, John Lennon and Paul McCartney is 15 years of age.

Elvis Presley autographs on the boy’s head.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

Ernesto Che Guevara drinking maté drink



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