I’m not sure if Emma Watson is going through some mid-life crisis, but her recent slew of sexy photoshoots is definitely something I can appreciate. I know that actresses ususally try to get into character before a movie release to help sell a few more tickets, but I’m not sure that this is the case right now. Her new movie The Bling Ring may be culprit, considering it is Rated-R so there may be a bit of nudity (sorry, not too familiar). However, I really hope this has more to do with her next flick, This is the End (it can’t be due to Noah). 

Regardless of reason, I like it. Her last shoot for Natural Beauty was definitely different, I have never seen her in a nude shoot before. Now, GQ has her all sorts of sexy, and I like it. I have posted the highest quality photos I could find, and even one shot at the end that looks to be a behind the scenes shot (not at all sure, though). Enjoy!


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