25 years ago the Ukrainian city Pripyat was abandoned after probably the biggest accident in nuclear power stations history of all times. But the city continues its existence in other forms…

25 years without men and life maintenance. Streets and roads were overgrown with trees. Only the wind lives in houses.

The appearance of graffiti here is an ambiguous phenomenon. Somebody consider them to be desecration, other people think it is art.

The highest building in the city.

A view from its roof. The power unit ?4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant  is in the background.

Former streets.

The savings bank office.

The football stadium.

The swimming pool.

The kindergarten. Toys lie near respirators.

The world is in children’s happiness.

“The right for a happy childhood”.

Theurapeutists’ timetable.

The culture house.

“I’ll give my vote for communists!”

The cinema “Prometey”.



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