Qi Xinghua is a Chinese 3D artist, the first in the country, whose painting entitled “Lions Gate Gorge,” earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest 3D painting in the world. Inspired by western 3D chalk street paintings, Qi started focusing on multi-dimensional art in 2002 having enrolled in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Check out “Lions Gate Gorge” that earned him the Guinness Book record –


Qi Xinghua, 3D artist said “To put it in the simplest way, it’s reversed vision, which is also called inverse-perspective. From our normal vision, nearby objects are big and far away ones are small. I use the opposite method to make far away objects big and close objects small. In this way, a two-dimensional painting turns three-dimensional.”

Li says he has calculated three different formulas that can be applied on all paintings of varying sizes.

Source: www.china.org.cn


The artist uses a technique popularised by American street artist Kurt Wenner, a former Nasa illustrator who began street painting in Rome in 1982, inspired by Renaissance frescos and sculptures.

(Kurt Wenner’s work)

(Kurt Wenner’s work)

More paintings by Qi Xinghua (from here) –

Truly amazing!


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