In my opinion, one of today’s most under appreciated actresses is Kirsten Dunst. Many will probably most vividly remember her from her Spider Man role, but Kirsten has been acting long before than. Born in 1982, Kirsten made her screen debut at three years old for a variety of commercials. With an eye for talent, Woody Allen gave her a tiny piece in his 1989 classic, Oedipus Wrecks. Since then, her career has bloomed into something out of a movie. 

Kirsten played in a series of films and TV shows, but her true breakthrough starring alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in in Interview with a Vampire. Immediately there after, she had several huge hits, my favorite of which is Jumanji (still love that film). 

Since then she had countless TV and film roles, and has more or less become a household name. Virtually everyone knows of Kirsten, if not by name then by face, and it doesn’t look like she is going anywhere anytime soon. Her upcoming film, The Two Faces of January, looks like its going to be a great thriller, and I am highly anticipating it. In the meantime, lets take a look at her at the peak of her beauty, when she was a bit younger.

In 1999, when Kirsten had just finished a slew of movies and was heading into another long stretch of filming, young Kirsten did the sexiest photoshoot of her life thus far. Modeling swimwear by Marc Baptiste, Kirsten showed the world that not only could she act, but she had incredible sex appeal.


Just a year before that, Kirsten was featured in Teen People. Her career was on fire at this point. Take a closer look at the third picture, do you recognize any of the other hotties?

(Hint: Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel are present)

Going back to 1999, here is another photoshoot of the hot Kirsten Dunst, this time shot by Cliff Watts. 

A few years go by (it is now 2002), and her career is booming. The Australian magazine Freizeit Kurier picks her up for a slightly less provocative photoshoot, but her beauty is quite apparent none the less. These photos were taken by Paul Jasmin.

The following year, Richard Phibbs decides that Kirsten is too sexy for a conservative shoot. While the shoot itself isn’t overly risque, the shots taken have a heavy dose of sex appeal added.

Sure, there are many more sexier photo of Kirsten while she was younger, but for a change I wanted to keep the photos at least above the pedo-bear level. While we start when Kirsten was only 16, I think given the fact that we are admiring an incredible actress this can be forgiven.

Let me leave you with a parting shot of Kirsten, but one taken much more recently. This shot was taken less than 2 years back by Mario Sorrenti for Tatler Russia. Here is Kirsten wearing nothing but a little lingerie, striking one of her sexiest poses ever.

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