Many people, myself included, know Morena Baccarin from her stint with Firefly, the short lived incredibly awesome sci fi show. Recently, Morena has been pimping that sweet body of hers on Homeland, but that’s not my style, so I prefer to enjoy her photoshoots and stills. Morena is actually quite the sci fi nut, it seems, because she has also had roles in Stargate SG1, the movie Serenity (also based on Firefly), the TV show V, and many others. So, not only is she incredibly hot, she is also every geek’s wet dream.

For GQ UK Morena definitely did her best to be as sexy as possible, which probably didn’t amount to much. The shoot is sizzling, and deserves attention. If you want to see much more sexy by Morena, I highly recommend doing a GIS on her. So, here is our Brazilian doing her best to make every geek on the planet swoon.

Morena Baccarin (1)

Morena Baccarin (2)

Morena Baccarin (3)


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