As mentioned numerous times in the past, the US Dollar is having serious difficulty wethering the current financial storm which is leading many analysts to believe that the Dollar’s days are numbered.  Many are calling for governments to return to the Gold standard, while other governments are looking to create an international currency, either way the Dollar has seen its peak days gone by.

What is interesting to witness is the propaganda surrounding this inevitable fall.  While many international news agencies are touting the fact that the Dollar is going to collapse, such as in Russia, China and Arab nations, Western Press are playing it down any way they can.  Some of today’s headlines are most interesting.

Dollar Rises Versus Euro on Speculation 14-Month Low Difficult to Sustain (Bloomberg)
WORLD FOREX: Dollar Stronger As Market Run Up Takes A Break (Wall Street Journal)

While these headlines may seem timid, it is important to keep in mind that the Dollar is currently at 1.49 against the Euro, which is extremely low by any standard.  Reading these types of headlines seem almost blasphemous.

The propaganda continues quickly with regards to China’s Yuan.  While the Dollar is falling, the Yuan is strengthening, which doesn’t bode well with Western interests.  Citing the same two propaganda giants:

China Yuan Ends Up; US Reiterates Yuan Undervalued (Wall Street Journal)
US Criticizes China for Lack of Yuan ‘Flexibility’ (Bloomberg)

The fact is simple, the US Dollar is falling while the Chinese Yuan is rising.  Discrediting this fact by means of propaganda doesn’t fix the problem, it only placates the sheep.

To round this off, lets look at the most ideal alternative to falling currencies, the Gold Standard.  Regardless of what happens to domestic or foreign currencies, Gold will always remain.  By aligning currencies to a Gold standard, inflation would be held in place and governments couldn’t control prices the way they do now.  This is very common knowledge but will never gain acceptance because governments like to control prices, plain and simple.

With the Dollar falling, Gold is rising.  Since Gold is pegged against the Dollar, this is merely common sense.  Currently, Gold is trading at an almost all time high of $1053 per troy ounce.  This is remarkable, at least for those that invested in Gold already.  So, what does mainstream media have to say about this?

Gold Rebounds From Biggest Drop in Three Weeks as Dollar Slides (Bloomberg)
PRECIOUS METALS: NY Gold Seen Down $2, Silver Down 13c (Wall Street Journal)

I am repeatedly citing Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal intentionally, but please note that they are not alone in this.  The vast majority of western sources are pushing the same propaganda.  Since most of the population rely on mainstream media for their daily dose of propaganda, this is extremely convenient for western governments. 

Please people, its time to wisen up.  If you aren’t already investing in Gold, start now.  Inform your friends, inform your neighbors.  This is very important.  If we aren’t prepared, the collapse of the Dollar will devastate far beyond what this current financial crisis is doing.


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