Parallel worlds do exist! Two of them are located in the Moscow Region. These are Barvikha and Skolkovo luxury villages, the places where Russian elite lives. It’s not easy to get there but still we managed to see a piece of these wonderful worlds.

The first world called Barvikha is inhabited by immortal beings who look very much like ordinary people. They go to the market…

Love their children…

Plant flowers.

And watch cartoons in their concert halls.

But the first impression is deceptive.

They are powerful demigods controlling the world. Their harsh guards prohibit to photograph the land on which they walk, threatening with the supreme keeper named the FSO (Federal Protective Service).

The used cars of 2004 with leaking oil and a tiny trunk that will not be able to travel on most roads of the world, here they cost more than 7 million rubles ($250 thousand).

The inhabitants of this world dress in strange attire and conduct rituals in SPA.

Near the children’s shop they organize the fairs of fancy chariots costing more than 2 rooms. For example, the handsome eggplant Bentley Brooklands (one of the 550 produced since 2008) is proposed for only 11 million rubles (about $ 390 thousand).

Such carts are especially nice to see in the capital’s traffic jams. Even a small scratch on their bumper will test not only the legitimacy of your insurance company, but also your creditworthiness.

But despite all the greatness, these creatures are absolutely helpless in simple things. The road leading to their world is narrow and permanently clogged with cars, so it’s sometimes very hard for demigods to reach their homes. Besides, the paths to their dwellings are in a poor condition and no one bothers of their repairing.

Parking lots are also usually filled with cars, and they have to use an underground parking lot.

But this is their home and they are forced to live in such deplorable conditions…

Location: Barvikha village, Moscow Region

The second world (the world of magicians and sorcerers) also parasitizes in the Moscow Region, but unlike the first one, serves the great purpose of education and modernization. All Russians are quite familiar with the fruits of their work – smartphones Glonass 945.

The alley running along the fence of their world is covered with imported from overseas turf and grass. The quality of the driveway will definitely make the inhabitants of the Barvikha slums envious.

Dozens of satellites provide a continuous connection to other parallel worlds.

Some strange building, the result of the innovative courage of architects of Skolkovo.

Some parts of the construction levitate above the ground.

Only few inhabitants of the first world know what is hidden behind this mosaic.

The only thing that unites our worlds is that it’s mainly guest workers who labor there.

Skolkovo is always ready for any eventualities, even at the half-empty parking lot.

Well, out adventure came to its end… Let’s say goodbye to the hospitable fairy worlds.

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