69-Year old German Man, named as Adolf B., who has been charged with raping daughter nearly 500 times and fathering three children by her over 34-year, claims that the sex was consensual. He claims that his daughter had approached him for sex when she was 16 or 17 years old and he did not “undress her himself.”

But the daughter, now 46 years old, claims that he started raping her when she was about 12, and it continued for more than three decades, while keeping her in a state of fear, bullying and beating her and forbidding her to leave the house without him.


 She had three disabled sons by her father, one of whom died as a baby, another of whom died recently, while the third survived, prosecutors said.

Authorities only uncovered the case after the woman was convicted of blackmailing the wife of a doctor she blamed for the disability of one of her sons. She was assigned a parole officer who won her trust and eventually heard her story.

Monday’s trial opening began amid great media interest with Adolf B. hiding his face from cameras as he was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair due to a foot injury.

He seemed to have difficulty understanding many of the term used in court, and his lawyer often had to repeat and explain questions asked.

The daughter’s lawyer Andrea Kühne, said her client was “shocked and furious” at her father’s statement that the sex was consensual. “My client would never have pressed charges if she had felt that way.”

The state prosecutor can only charge him with rapes from the last 20 years, since the statute of limitations has expired for earlier offences. Only 28 counts of incest can be lodged because its statute of limitations is five years.

Source: www.thelocal.de


The verdict is scheduled to be read on December 19.