If there’s one media even worse than broadcast media in this country, it seems to be the newspapers.

Here in Ohio, they tripped all over themselves to endorse Czar Kashitch I, and they’ve been wiping his ass every time he does something against the economy, environment, or the people of the State of Ohio. And of course, the ADN did everything in its power to promote the completely fabricated legend of Mama Grifter until, at long last, she made it impossible for them to draw the pretty pictures of her.

There are a lot of examples of newspapers embracing incompetent or corrupt Rushpubliscum criminals. Here, for instance, is just the latest example that proves that the papers seem to have learned nothing from the disasters that they, themselves, helped set loose on us.

Mitt Romney has been hanging out in New Hampshire for years, building up support and racking up endorsements. But when it came time for it to get behind a candidate, the Granite State’s biggest paper went with the guy who just returned to the GOP’s good graces weeks ago.

The headline in the New Hampshire Union Leader Sunday: “An Editorial: For President, Newt Gingrich”.

How big a deal is this? Potentially very big, according to the AP:

[Poll] numbers could shift based on the backing of The Union Leader, a newspaper with a conservative editorial page that proudly works to influence elections in the politically savvy state, from school boards to the White House.That’s the best thing Gingrich — who’s seen his moment in the frontrunner seat come just as actual presidential primary voting is getting close — could possibly hear. He’s lagging in money and infrastructure thanks to the months he spent wandering the desert after he called the House Republican budget plan “right-wing social engineering.”

At first glance, you might be shaking your head. You know, as I know, that the “flavor of the week” is bitter and disgusting, in this particular case. We know that the Rushpubliscum Party celebrates stupidity, and Newt isn’t stupid. We all know that Newt is smarter than he’s been acting, because he slips up sometimes and lets slivers of his obvious intelligence slip through at the Colisseums of Stupidity known as the 2012 Rushpubliscum Presidential Debates. We know what his problem is, and always has been; he’s irrational. Unstable. Perhaps in need of commitment to a facility. At first glance, you might be shaking your head as to how the unfit-to-line-a-birdcage Union Leader could endorse Newt.

But you shouldn’t shake your head. The Rushpubliscum Party, as an entity, is diseased. There is no longer any reason to expect any “conservative” organization to say, or do, anything that makes any sense. They have consistently ignored a solid, reasonable candidate in the form of Jon Huntsman to focus on either the crazy, the stupid, or the crazy-stupid. The endorsement of Newt Gingrich, when seen in this light, isn’t bizarre at all; it’s downright normal these days.

Newt is going to fade away, because he’s wired to self-destruct; if he rises up, he will tear himself down. There is no way he’s going to be able to keep himself together long enough to get the nomination, and were he actually able by some stroke of fate to get that done, then he’d kill his candidacy in the general election cycle. I think (and remember that I am not a psychiatrist; I am a barefoot hillbilly) that Newt figures that he can put whatever he wants to put over on whoever he wants to put it over on, which is why he’s acting a whole lot dumber right now than most of us know him to be. But I also think that there is a measurable amount of self-loathing in the man, and his internal conflicts always win out. Just like they will this time.

Until he destroys himself again, however, do not be shocked if a lot of other organizations line up behind him. After all, they are as off-kilter as he is, these days. Most of the sane Rushpubliscums got chased out awhile ago, and the sane ones still there today are being marginalized by the mainstream media.

The bizarre is the norm. Day is night. Newt is Presidential material.