Jerald Newman, a 54-year old grandfather, was arrested at a Walmart in Buckeye (Arizona) soon after it opened late the night of Thanksgiving. He was charged with resisting arrest and shoplifting. During the arrest, the arresting officer is reported to slam his head to the ground which resulted his passing out and causing a very bloody face. In fact, he wasn’t even shoplifting. He had grabbed one video game and put it under his shirt so that others jostling for the game didn’t take it from him.

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David Chadd, a CNN iReporter from Las Vegas, was among the crowd shopping for video games set up in the Walmart’s grocery section. He said Newman “was not resisting” arrest as he was led away from the crowd by a police officer.

That officer, Chadd said, then suddenly hooked the suspect around the leg, grabbed him and “slammed him face first into the ground.”

“It was like a bowling ball hitting the ground, that’s how bad it was,” he said.



The department will conduct an investigation to assess whether the actions of the police officer involved in the arrest were “within reason,” based on “our policy and also the law.”

What did he do to deserve this? False shoplifting and not resisting arrest?