Awhile back, we looked at the Klanbagger Genius Plan for Ohio, which they submitted a day or two after Czar Kashitch I got his ass handed to him for trying to strip Ohio public workers of their bargaining rights. The Klanbaggers, having gathered the exact correct message from that defeat, thought the time was wonderful to try to stick a “Right to Work” initiative on the Ohio ballot for next year. I think that it is a excellent plan, since it would draw the same people who voted en masse against Kashitch’s SB5 back to the polls again just in time for the 2012 election cycle. Those people will undoubtedly also have the Czar’s voter caging repeal and the Rushpubliscum gerrymandering repeal on the same ballot, because we’re gathering signatures apace (indeed, even I am now collecting signatures.)

There’s just one small problem. Klanbaggers aren’t that great with their wording, as we know from their signs. So when they presented a “RAT TO WURK” initiative to the Attorney General, he had to reject it as being completely unintelligible. The Klanbaggers are going to have to go down to some grade school and find someone who can write their ballot initiative for them.

They’d better get it done quick, before the Kashitch education “reform” takes full effect. After that, there won’t even be any grade schoolers capable of writing anything readable.

Ohio’s top lawyer has rejected the initial wording of a ballot proposal that would keep workers who are covered by labor contracts from having to join a union or pay union dues.

Attorney General Mike DeWine told the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law in a letter yesterday that more details are needed for the right-to-work summary to be certified as fair and truthful. He said the initial summary failed to properly characterize legal remedies available under the amendment.

The amendment emerged days after Ohio voters firmly rejected a sweeping collective bargaining overhaul at the polls. It would appear on the 2012 ballot.

I wonder, with all of those “X” marks on their initiatives, how they are able to gather 1,000 “signatures?” I’m surprised DeWino is letting those pass.