A bunch of elitist scum at a New York foreclosure firm thought it would be great fun to have a Halloween party with a theme mocking the people they were kicking out in the street. This sort of thing is all the rage among right wingers, of course; who can ever forget how Chimpy mocked a woman whose death warrant he had just signed?

I understand the partiers had a yuk-it-up good time dressing and acting like the vermin they threw out in the streets. That’s just great. But what is even better about this party, IMHO, is that these Wall Streeters were actually doing some learning while they were laughing.

As it turns out, these gilded-age elitists weren’t just partying. Oh no, they were not. They were also engaged in a dress rehearsal for a future that could well await some of them.

And that, I must admit, I take some satisfaction in. My hope is that the innocent dependents of these louts don’t wind up suffering right along with them.

Steven J. Baum PC, one of the largest foreclosure law firms and perhaps better known as creators of the stupidly offensive “Homeless Halloween” party is going out of business. The New York Times’ Joe Nocera brought Baum to national attention, referring to it as a “foreclosure mill”  and publishing photos (above and below) of their “Foreclosure-themed” Halloween party last year when employees dressed up as homeless foreclosed-upon homeowners.

Baum’s recent e-mail to Nocera, which he noted in his Saturday column, stated  ”Mr. Nocera — You have destroyed everything and everyone related to Steven J. Baum PC. It took 40 years to build this firm and three weeks to tear down.”  That e-mail rings slightly more poignant in light of today’s news. ”Baum firm notified government entities, including the New York State Department of Labor, that it planned mass job cuts, it said in an e-mailed statement today. Earl Wells, a firm spokesman, confirmed that it’s closing,” reports Bloomberg Businessweek, which explained the closure was due to the firm being dropped by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  ”Disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people is extremely painful, but the loss of so much business left us no choice but to file these notices,” said Steven J. Baum, who owns the firm. You’re forgiven if you find it hard hard to find sympathy for people who didn’t find it extremely painful to mock “disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people.”

Now, we’re not bad people, we Liberals. I’m betting that you’ll do what I’ll do, and drop a dollar or two in their tin cans, should you ever encounter one of them. Unlike these ignorant, elitist scumbags, we are all too aware of how easily something you have no control over can put you right out in the street.

This is something that at least some of these folks are about to learn for themselves. Is it not a damn shame that this lesson had to come in this fashion?