Another artist is being investigated over nude art. Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist, is being investigated by Chinese government for spreading pornography over nude art. He was earlier being investigated for political subversion and tax evasion. He had been presented with a $2.4 million (£1.5 million) tax bill which he is protesting.


He said police had questioned his cameraman Zhao Zhao on Thursday over pictures Zhao had taken of the artist. “They clearly told him this is an investigation, now, they are doing on me, on pornography,” Ai told the AFP news agency.

One of the pictures, One Tiger Eight Breasts, shows Ai posing nude on a wooden chair flanked by four naked women who are giggling and smiling.

“Netizens came to take photos with me, so we said why don’t we take nudity photos, then everybody agreed so we did it and they were put on the internet, and that’s it, we forget about it,” Ai said.



Ai started an internet campaign against his accusers. He says 30,000 people contributed a total of more than 8m yuan to his online appeal for loans to challenge his tax fine.

Chinese government seem to after the artist and are trying to use any reason possible to prosecute him.