Ever since its inception, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been a thorn in the side of American politicians. Both Democrats and Republicans have done their best to distance themselves from the movement with wide ranging accusations from domestic terrorists to dirty hippies. It isn’t in any politicians interest to see the Occupy movement succeed because it will strip them of their lifeblood, funding from big business.

OWS complaints have been differing between groups, but one thing is clear … separation of Business and State. The fact that the 1% control the USA bothers the 99% to no ends. It is well understood that US democracy is a sham, the people vote but the 1% control the elected official regardless of who. This fact has been known for generations, but now the people have had enough and are making a statement.

This first major attempt by the USA to quash the OWS protesters is a sure sign that politicians, and the 1%, gravely fear the OWS movement. At first they played them off as a bunch of hippies, and some politicians escalated their accusations almost to domestic terrorists, but now we see how yellow these politicians truly are. In the name of safety, the NYC police department not only evicted the protesters at Zucotti park, they initiated a complete media blackout to ensure that the police brutality was in no way recorded. Journalists from around the world were beaten and molested, while protesters felt the wrath of police substantially worse. This has been going on throughout the Occupy movements within the USA, but the OWS movement was hit most savagely.

There is little doubt that the OWS protesters will return, and likely in greater number, but the aggressiveness of the police shows how scared they truly are. Those that are protesting, if you truly believe ion your cause you must stand your ground because things are about to get much worse.