No, this has nothing to do with the Presidential race. I just like to remind everyone that the Speaker of the House is a corrupt, ignorant drunk.

Rushpubliscums in Florida, even the Klanbagger ones, do not want Social Security and Medicare touched. Nor should they; we’ve all paid more than enough in taxes to ensure the solvency of these programs for a long time, and to cut them essentially means to STEAL the money we’ve invested. But the crop of corrupt morons running for President seem to only support 3 things: tax cuts for the super rich, wars, and cuts to Social Security.

Obviously, there is a huge problem here. How can Florida Rushpubliscums reach their candidates, who have been Koch-deafened to the cries of the (m)asses?

Florida Republican voters have a clear feeling about cuts to Medicare and Social Security: Don’t do it, according to a new poll by the AARP.

By wide margins, the survey shows that Republicans of all kinds — whether they’re Hispanic, moderates or in the tea party — would rather fix the nation’s budget by withdrawing from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, eliminating foreign aid or eliminating so-called tax loopholes.

But despite these sentiments of GOP voters, many of the Republican frontrunners for president are more likely to support trimming benefits than raising tax revenues or getting out of foreign entanglements.

“There’s a major disconnect between what the candidates and other folks in Washington want and what the voters think when it comes to Social Security and Medicare,” said Jeff Johnson, AARP’s interim Florida director.

“For the candidates and lawmakers, Social Security is a budget problem we need to fix the math on. Medicare is a budget problem we need to fix math on,” Johnson said. “But this isn’t about math for voters. This is about voters’ retirement.”

No, this is about being able to keep all that money they’ve already stolen from Social Security. The money they had to steal to paper over their lavish tax givebacks to the rich.
Go ahead, lamers. Keep right on voting Rushpubliscum. I’m sure handing it all to a few rich people is going to work out just fine for you in your golden years.