After an 8-year investigation into the IAEA to declare with confidence that Iran is indeed developing an atomic bomb: a conclusion soon became a major international nightmare, writes Le Devoir . IAEA leadership has decided to complicate his life and conducted a thorough investigation involving a number of sources, demonstrating in detail why the Agency inspectors are convinced that Iran recklessly lied, while its scientists developed nuclear detonators.

“So far, the most thorough answer, apparently, agreed with the U.S., Israel and other allies, have come from Paris.’s Foreign Minister Alain Zhuppe said that the IAEA report paves the way for new, more severe sanctions, including financial order. It is clear as day that Moscow and Beijing will be opposed because of their geopolitical and economic interests differ from those of the United States, Israel and other countries “, – says the correspondent Serge Truffaut. “First, Russia remains the main supplier of arms to Iran. Second, the Russian physicist helped his Iranian colleagues. As for China, then all is simple: Iran is its main supplier of oil and gas. As for Russia, and China Shiite Iran – the same thing as Sunni Saudi Arabia for the United States, an ally. Inconvenient, but still an ally. Intermediary, which could become a counterweight to American interests in the region “- the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, now there is no assurance that the U.S. may approve a preventive attack Israeli aircraft on Iranian nuclear facilities. First, because most of these objects hidden under the ground, and the bombing will not give the desired results. Secondly, the Obama administration understands that this operation will lead to serious instability in the region and may result in a chain reaction of unprecedented scale, the newspaper said.