Our Armed Forces were lied to.

They were told not to listen to all that drivel those damned hippie-COMMANIST types were spreading. Chimpy’s Glorious Oedipal Crusade on Iraq was about FREEDOM! Fight them THERE so we don’t have to HERE!

And then, they got rotated in, over and over again, long after we all knew that there were no WMD in Iraq, long after we knew that Chimpy had to know this, but chose to lie about it.

And when that realization came, our Armed Forces asked themselves what it was they were fighting for.

With great sadness, more and more of them are now realizing exactly what it is they were, and are, fighting for.

I can imagine being an idealistic young person, pumped up with the notion that I was protecting my family and my neighbors. What I can’t imagine is how badly it must hurt to figure out otherwise. I figured it out without ever having to shoot at someone.

I did not serve my country in Iraq; I served the 1%. It was on their behalf that I helped lay siege to Fallujah, helped kill thousands of civilians, helped displace hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and helped destroy an entire city. My “service” served Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, and other multinational corporations in Iraq.

My family in Massachusetts is not safer because of my service, and Iraqis are not freer. I helped oppress Iraqis in a manner far more brutal than what has been experienced by the Occupy movement at the hands of the New York and Oakland police departments.

I was an occupier and am now an #occupier. I once served the 1%, but now try to serve the 99%. That is why I must speak up when I see the Occupy movement being led astray by the same nationalism and “Ameri-centrism,” the same thoughtless praises for U.S. troops and veterans, and the same hypocrisy that led us into the so-called “War On Terror” and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many of us have joined the Occupy movement, because we identify as members of the 99%, but the media only began to highlight our participation after Cpl. Scott Olsen was shot in the head by the Oakland police with a projectile on Oct. 25. Olsen was immediately rushed to the emergency room, and his name soon became a rallying cry. A nationwide call was put out for vigils in solidarity with Olsen.

The Occupy movement was quick to highlight Olsen’s “service” and his two deployments to Iraq. The New York Times noted that “his injury—and the oddity of a Marine who faced enemy fire only to be attacked at home—has prompted an outpouring of sympathy, as well as calls for solidarity.”

Although Olsen appears to oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—he is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace,—the Occupy movement’s response to his attack has revealed ambivalence on these issues.

The Occupy movement has glossed over the irony that Olsen was put in the hospital by some of the same tactics that his Marine Corps has used against Iraqis. It has not drawn a connection between what happened to Olsen and what happened to Iraqis who peacefully protested against the U.S. occupation of their country—like in Fallujah on April 28, 2003, when the U.S. fired into a crowd of protesters and killed 13 civilians. Countless other identical incidents have taken place, even today as Iraqis also protest unemployment, corruption and lack of services.

When the Occupy movement mentions Olsen’s “service” without clarifying who he served, they hide the lies of the 1% and ignore the more than 1 million dead Iraqis, the millions of refugees and orphans, and the dramatic rise in cancers and birth defects in Iraq.

Please, click the link and read what this veteran has to say. You will be saddened, but you will be proud too. He’s fighting the good fight NOW.

Sadly, the people who couldn’t praise him enough just a few years ago are now belittling him, and his brothers and sisters in service. They are now showing him the contempt that they always had for him, and for the rest of us.

Well, you know, contempt is a 2-way street. I find these cowards to be the most contemptible lot that any society ever produced. The sooner we run them the hell out of power, the better off most of us are going to be. Let’s all go and do what we should have been doing all along, and head for the polls next November.