Things have gotten pretty bad for Czar Kashitch I.

Every poll done shows that his Koch-inspired scheme to gut the rights of working Ohioans is going to go down in flames. It’s gotten so bad for the Czar that he has even hired Pat Boone for robocalls, in a last-ditch desperate attempt to get the zombies to rise from their graves and appear at the polls.

Of course, some zombies haven’t gotten to their graves yet, like these two in Butler County. Thankfully there aren’t that many of them.

He told the audience that he’s committed to restoring “the greatness of our state,” and controlling costs is necessary so Ohio’s future generations can prosper.

The governor’s rally on the eve of election day shows he understands what his “extreme ideological efforts” have caused, said Brian Rothenberg, executive director for Progress Ohio, a liberal advocacy group.

“Hopefully after Election Day he will sit down and understand Ohio is a big state and he represents all Ohioans, not just right-wing Ohioans,” Rothenberg said.

Barbara and Dr. Barton Fogel of Hamilton attended the rally. Both said they were voting “yes” for Issues 2 and 3.

Barbara Fogel, 62, a former stay-at-home mom, said her son was just hired as a full-time firefighter. She said she supports Issue 2 because schools need more choices in the way they spend money and evaluate teachers.

As a doctor, Barton Fogel said he supports Issue 3 because health care decisions should be made between a doctor and patient, not by the government.

A SAHM is going to cut her own son’s throat. This is all too common among the selfish bigots of the “Lamest Generation,” who have voted for decades to gut any future their own children may have had-and then they complain when Junior can’t find a job that pays enough to get him out of the house. Sad.

And, of course, the good Doctor has his talking points down, conveniently overlooking the fact that private insurers have been getting in-between doctors and their patients every day of the week, in the name of profits.

But what else can we expect from zombies, really? Perhaps Pat can serenade them once they all get to Hell.