There are very few people, outside of the Catholic Faith, that aren’t appalled by the Pope’s decree that contraception is evil. Likewise, almost every civilized nation outside the USA feel that the church’s stance on abortion is extremely single minded, and some feel that this same stance is a direct attack on women. FEMEN share the attack on women view.

In order to let the Vatican know that not everyone agrees with their archaic point of view, FEMEN decided to take a stroll down Vatican City, find a nice spot under the Pope’s window, and stage one of their patented Topless Protests. Seeing as how they aren’t little boys, they figured someone would be offended. It is my understanding that nothing is more offensive to a Catholic priest than a naked woman, and I am guessing that FEMEN are under the same impression.

Unfortunately for FEMEN, two of the three protesters were detained well before they could get to the square in Vatican City. It turns out that the Vatican were aware of FEMEN’s previous protests and made it a point to bar them entry. Fortunately, one of the three, our beloved Alexandra Shevchenko, made it past the guards. She slowly moved into position under the Pope’s balcony, during Sunday Mass none the less, and went topless holding a sign "Freedom for Women". I wish I could see the faces of the parish at that moment.

Not surprisingly, Alexandra was quickly detained, and Sunday mass could proceed as normal. Afterwards, I hear the little boys could be heard all the way in Rome proper, but that is just rumor.

The ladies were then held for over four hours in police custody, only to be released under media pressure. The police were fighting for deportation, but luckily for the girls they were allowed to continue their Italian tour, likely under the stipulation that they would no longer visit the Vatican, but were free to send any naked little boys if they came across any.