On Saturday night at 11:53 p.m. ET, an earthquake of magnitude of 5.6 rattled Oklahoma. The quake struck 4 miles east of Sparks in Lincoln County, centered about 40 miles northeast of Oklahoma. No major injuries have been reported. Damage to homes, buildings and highways have been reported.



No major injuries were reported, but the quake caused at least three sections of U.S. Route 62 to buckle, said Aaron Bennett of the Lincoln County 911 and emergency management.

A boulder rolled into a rural county road, blocking it.

Crews also reported some structural damage, including a roof collapse and a damaged ventilation system in a municipal building.

“They’re reporting that all the houses look like they’ve been ransacked,” Bennett said of the assessment crews.

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Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokesperson Michelann Ooton said there hasn’t been any major damage or injuries reported in connection with Saturday night’s earthquake.

“Damage to walls and other damages on homes… but not so much structural damage,” Ooton said. No major injuries have been reported.

U.S. Geological Survey geo-physicist Jessica Sipala Turner said the quake is the largest ever recorded in the state.

“It’s in an area of the country that doesn’t see earthquakes very often and so they’re just not use to having the shaking so maybe there are damages like things falling off the shelves and maybe some broken windows,” Turner said.

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The earthquake is not common for the area, as the last major quake, a magnitude 5.5, hit the area 50 years ago in 1952.