Elena Udrea, 37-year-old Romania’s tourism minister, posed in a skin tight rubber dress and thigh high kinky boots for the cover of a magazine, Tabu.

Long time in the world, especially in Romania, it was thought that politics is essentially a game of men. That need to play by their rules, to have access to important functions, except the most important function of state. There were but few women were able to show that they want and are little more than performers stations. Are those women-icon who changed the way politics is done in the world. There are women who have shown they can be better than a man even in the game they had invented.

That is, at this moment, there are no fewer than nine women holding the position of president of their countries: Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica), Roza Otunbayeva (Kyrgyzstan), Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania) Cristina Kirchner (Argentina president reaffirmed on November 23) Pratibha Patil (India), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia), Tarja Halonen (President of Finland in 2000) and Mary McAleese (Ireland). As you can see, are the most diverse countries: from economic development to countries with problems serious enough (as in Africa) to European countries with a high standard of living. This means that the top women’s access policy is not subject to the economic development of the country, only her skill.

It seems that this has begun to be understood and our neighbors Bulgarians. Maglena Kuneva ranked third in the presidential election a week ago, was voted by 14% of the electorate. Former Commissioner of the National Movement candidate for Stability and Progress, which propelled the party Simeon II in 2001 the office of Prime Minister.

In this logic, I would like very much to see that in Romania, one of the big parties is open enough to propose a courageous and intelligent woman to the most important function of state.

Long time I refrained from talking about being a woman in politics. To some extent, even located within a misogynist world, I wanted to talk about the discrimination faced by women politicians. Now, I think, the results obtained by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and me personally within the party, I showed everyone that a woman can work 14-16 hours a day, every day, sometimes more and better than man. And that even on the heels, and going to the hairdresser, and especially not transformed me into a man. At this point, I have no complex public to advocate for promoting women in Romanian politics. As elsewhere can, very close to us, I am convinced that Romania is starting to give up and accept the patriarchal structure that women are better politicians than men.

And, by extension, women can occupy any leadership position that has now man. I have great respect for those who succeed in the world of men in any branch would that make a career and always struggling to reach even higher.

About it and about how women can remain even creating your career I spoke in an interview that I would categorize as very alive, given TABU magazine, whose number appears again tomorrow. To do less teasing, along with the interview, you will find a small pictorial with me posing in five of the most powerful female figures in history. For some tabloids still wonder how I look brunette, you have the opportunity to see tomorrow taboo.

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