Once Upon A Time in America, the United States Senate was a chamber where cooler heads could sort out the often fiery proposals to come out of a more rowdy House of Representatives. But thanks to “Mooch” McConnell and the Rushpubliscum Party, this tradition is as dead as Ayn Rand. These days, the Rushpubliscum Party in the Senate is a bulwark against anything being done that might benefit anyone making less than a bazillion dollars a year. But even more than that, the morons of the Rushpubliscum Party have transformed that body into a do-nothing, moronic reflection of “Junket John” Boehner’s House.

About all that the Senate Rushpubliscums are interested in doing is getting that damn darkie out of the WHITE House, criminalizing brown people, relegating women to the status of property, and protecting the perks of the super rich. I believe that when history is written, “Mooch” McConnell will go down in it as having been the absolute worst Senate leader in the history of the United States.

And given some of the Senate leaders of (especially recent) history, that is some distinction.

Former House Member Ray LaHood lays the truth about his former brethren out. It’s an ugly truth, and I’m sure the fat dope addict will whip him good and proper for doing it.

But, you know, it’s still the truth.

Democrats aren’t alone anymore in sounding the alarm about theparalysis gripping Congress these days. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former congressman and the lone Republican in the Cabinet, says he believes his own party has put defeating President Obama ahead of creating jobs in America.

“I’ve been in Washington 35 years… and I’ve never seen a time when people have put their own personal political feelings over how we can get the economy moving,” LaHood told Newsweek and The Daily Beast in a wide-ranging interview.

Even in the wake of a national report declaring 200 bridges structurally deficient, including one that brings tens of thousands of commuters from Virginia into Washington each day, and one that spans the home states of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House SpeakerJohn Boehner, Republicans are expected to maintain their wall of opposition to a new round of stimulus spending on infrastructure. The infrastructure bill would put thousands of people to work, says LaHood, “but because of their own personal political feelings against the president, they don’t want to hand him a victory.”

LaHood has been dropping hints for some time about his frustration, and last week he unloaded in the interview.

“The crowd that was elected the last time not only came here to do nothing, they also came to put down the president,” he says. “And the way to put him down is not to give him any kind of opportunity to be successful.”

He faults the Tea Party freshmen, but doesn’t let the GOP leadership off the hook, recalling McConnell’s remark that his No. 1 goal was to defeat Obama.

Mooch has repeated this mantra not once, but several times. In the wake of recent developments, he’s tried to walk it back a little bit, but his actions speak even more loudly now than his words did THEN. McConnell is a miserable failure, a worthless punk, and a man of extremely low intelligence. The reason that he does nothing is because he knows how to do nothing.

He and Junket John are deep stains on the American political fabric, and they should be vigorously purged from any leadership position.